OCC - Operations Control Center

An added level of safety

Operations Control Center Stations

Operating around the clock, every day of the year, our enhanced Operational Control Center (OCC) provides support for our pilots before and during a flight. Plus, the OCC allows us to maintain operational control of our fleet at all times.

Established in March 2007, the center is based at our headquarters in Colorado and staffed with two personnel on duty during each shift. The lead is a pilot and has EMS flying experience. Not all OCCs in the air medical industry are the same and Air Methods’ technologies make the company’s center unique.

  • Flight Management System – foundational system for the OCC
  • Site Watch – this system is fed flight plans from CAD systems and then compares the flight plans to hazardous weather and generates an alert if threshold is reached. The system will add a 30 nautical mile bubble around the aircraft and if the bubble touches hazardous weather an alert is generated and the OCC evaluates.
  • Pilot 411 – internal Air Methods system that tracks duty times, flight releases and flight data
  • Report Manager – tracks flights and includes pertinent data related to the flight
  • Hi-Path Phone System – direct communications with aircraft via satellite phone communications.