Safety Programs & Technologies

Improving margin of safety with technology

Helicopter Control Panels

Since 2006, we have demonstrated our commitment to safety by investing more than $100 million in advancing safety programs and technologies. In all new and refurbished aircraft, our standard avionics suite includes:

  • Night Vision Goggles – the goggles enhance visibility during night transports so pilots can better detect hazards and obstructions and have greater situational awareness.
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (HTAWS) – shows approaching obstacles, so pilots can steer clear well in advance.
  • GPS – an all-in-one GPS, navigation and communication unit that makes navigation calculations and map redraw rates at a fast speed making it easier for pilots to read and interpret critical information.
  • XM Satellite Weather – provides pilots access to constantly-updated, high resolution weather information, right in the cockpit.
  • Satellite Tracking – the flight tracking system greatly improves our levels of operational efficiency, crew support, and aircraft monitoring because it transmits real-time position reports via satellite to any authorized computer. Flight details recorded includes course, altitude, destination, and estimated time of arrival.